Training Tips for September’s Nat’l Food Safety Month

Foodservice Safe is committed to ensuring you and your employees are well prepared in keeping your business safe and successful. Below we’ve shared some valuable resources from Servsafe to assist you and your staff on proper food safety training.

Focus on a New Topic Each Week

  1. Week 1 – What Is Food Safety?
  2. Week 2 – Handwashing
  3. Week 3 – The Role Of Food Safety Training
  4. Week 4 – Time & Temperature Control


Download Posters & Activity Worksheets

Posters and activity worksheets are available in both English & Spanish


View 3 Minute Training Videos

Watch these fun engaging training videos and share with your employees. Topics include Minimum Cooking Temperatures and Norovirus and Handwashing.

In addition, download infographics on Handwashing and proper Time and Temperatures control.

For additional resources, visit

Visit our website to register for online and public classes. We offer classes in Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC), Food Handler Certification and BASSET Certification.