Guest Safety First



For over 18 years, we have helped you navigate through the curves of food safety training, so you can focus on what you are best at – running your operation. We are dedicated to ensuring you and your employees are well prepared to keep your business successful and your guests safe. We pride ourselves on our easy online registration, advance study materials and reminders about renewals, new laws, and regulations.

Guest Safety First is a recognition program that identifies an organization commitment to keep their guest safe through critical training. We believe the best way to keep your guest safe is to create a culture that implements proper food safety procedures daily and keeps food safety top of mind for every guest every visit.



  • Do you need help navigating your business during this pandemic?
  • Do you want to retain and attract guests to your operation through your business’ daily commitment to food safety?
  • Do you have any employees that are in need to recertify in The Food Protection Manager Certification Program?
  • Do you want to instill confidence with your guests, so they feel safe dining at your operation?


If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, let us help you.



We are a resource when you need us! With our experience, we can provide all safety related certification programs through public and private classes as well as our online programs. We also offer quality assurance through our auditing program. We strive on staying current and constantly update our Student Resource Portal that reinforces the critical points in protecting your guest each visit.

Public Food Protection Manager Certification classes
We offer public Food Protection Manager certification classes in six convenient Chicagoland locations, meeting all Covid-19 safety guidelines. These eight-hour classes, provided in both English and Spanish provide a national certification upon passing the exam which meets all state and city certification requirements.

Private Food Protection Manager Certification classes
We bring the class to you! This option is available for groups of five or more people. It allows the training to be personalized to your operation’s needs. Timing is flexible and can accommodates your schedule.

Online Certification Training
For your convenience, we offer self-paced online certification programs in food manager and food handler certification training in English and Spanish. We also provide online Allergen, BASSET (Responsible Alcohol Service) and Sexual Harassment training.

The work we do together is handmade, strategic, forward-looking, comprehensive, guest-focused, and detail-oriented. It has proven to be most effective when audits are unannounced. Immediate feedback is provided to the manager onsite after the audit. A summary of our findings is included that can be used as a point of comparison with future audits. An action plan based on each audit will be developed with tangible suggestions for improvement.

Student Resource Portal
Our Student Resource Portal is available at This important resource provides enhanced study material including Power Point presentation and videos on all the critical aspects of food safety. This material is in both English and Spanish and is a valuable resource when preparing for your certification exam.



We know these are challenging times. We are here for you. We can help laying out the roadmap that will guide you and instill confidence with your guest. Our turn-key access to the tools you and your team need to earn the credentials for compliance and, ultimately, keep your guests safe by demonstrating a Guest Safety First culture to every guest, every visit. Please contact John Gescheidle at or at 847.254.5405 when ready.